absence makes the heart grow fonder

Hello blog

I was so full of well intentions, keen to post my every thought and word onto your pages and yet here I am neglecting this place of sharing and community.

Why has it been so long? what has happened to my good intentions? I am sorry to say I have been distracted by other digital madia apps…..tweets, pins, Facebook and the like, then there is my newsletters, websites and ALL the crazy stuff to see on Youtube.

I am sorry for my neglect, my distracted mind and lack of energy.

As I reconnect to you my lovely blog I will make the effort and set my thoughts out so that they may inspire me to greater things, no longer shall post pics of my lunch, endlessly share other peoples stuff but wholeheartedly invest in my blog! and yet I feel I am waning already, do I have digital fatigued? am I board with the endless connection to the key board or is it that I have nothing left to say?

Hello blog I have missed you,,,,,,,I will pin and tweet no longer but devote time to you my lovely blog



What is Ascension…..?

The Ascension process poster 1


One aspect of my many teachings is the Ascension process, we are all bamboozled with New Age terms for Ascension that can lead to many people being confused and missing out on the joy of Ascension.

In my monthly talks for this year I hope to demystify the process for people in really easy to understand language, practise exercises and deep healing meditations.

We will start by looking at the Initiations to Ascension and The Maitreya title and Lord Maitreya who is said to be in charge of the Ascension of the planet.

These evenings I hope will open up lively discussion which will bring about a better awareness plus time for people to participate in there own Ascension process.

To book your place on the evening email on info@phyllisbrown.co.nz or call 0064 3 344 3407

Crystal healing certificate course

only 4 places left on this new course intake.

only 4 places left on this new course intake. 


This is one of my most popular courses and many students have enjoyed the new insights they have about crystals and there healing properties. To book your place email on info@phyllisbrown.co.nz

If you wish to do my  home study crystal course, use this link below to order your correspondence course today., or call on 0064 3 3443407 payment by paypal or credit card


Happy crystal healing everyone.



Who will save me?????

Here I am almost 50 years old and I am still looking outside myself to be saved!!! 

You would have thought by now that I would have the strength, courage, stamina, confidence to save myself, yet here I am looking at advertising blurb and thinking…”that is it!!! That item will do the job”

In what I call a Brain Burp, I was completely seduced by a product that promised all kinds of promises, in a dream and before I knew it I had purchased this product and left thinking “what was that all about????” 

On reflection I can see my need for support from outside sources as I feel I lack the strength to support myself…this lesson is so clear to me that the purchase has been a great lesson.

I am hoping there is a money cash back promise and I can send the items back having become a much wiser and older human.

We are all prone to these bumps in our confidence, lapses in common sense. There are times in our life when we just can’t see ourselves getting through situations without help…..however if we dig deep we can in most cases find that inner strength to deal with situations on a grounded level.

For myself I see that inner child still needs to be helped to grow up and that I can save myself, I just need to take a deep breath and stay away from impulse buying.

The week that was – making changes for the new energy of the year of the horse

We are in the last dying phase of the The Year of the Snake and emotions are running hight!

Lots of people being tested on the changes they had made over the past 12 months OR changes are being made for them, as uncomfortable as that can be it will set them up for the brighter future.

For me it the last week has been about ghost from the past and double checking I am fine with the changes I have made there, also new and exciting doors opening to projects which will push me out of my comfort zone but I AM ready for that now….

You have 4 days left of the Snake…..shed that skin and get ready to Gallop ahead with the new energy which will open up between 31st Jan – 4th Feb……and have fun with it!Imagechange,