Oldie in a new world – Who are the children at Christmas?

“Are you getting up soon, the children want to open their presents?” I ask.

This was me waking  my 19 year old son  so my husband and I could be children once more and rip into our gifts!!! How times have changed.

We are so dam keen to grow up that the tables turn and we want to be child like once more. It was lovely to see  my son when he did venture out of bed, his utter delight at the Nerf Gun he opened..ahhhh…..it was like old times. Paper off, surprise look and then without reading the instructions clipping the whole things together with the joy and delight of an 8 year old.

For all the mums out there with boys……hold on to the memories of that pre teen years………they come back round again and you seem to get things right for a change….yesssssss I hear you cry.

I have enjoyed this years Christmas particularly,  with the letting go of the old way of being and settling into the  new rhythm of life we have created. Gone are the memories of Quake stuff and just being us has been a real treat.

Roll on 2014,  more of this please!!


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